The Criminal, High School and College Discipline Process:
A Presentation for Mental Health Professionals
October 9, 2020| 9:00 AM EDT | via GoToWebinar
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Participants will earn 2 contact hours upon completion of the course.
When someone is facing serious, possible life-changing consequences from being arrested or for violating their High School or College's Code of Conduct, as a Mental Health Professional it is helpful to understand the situation and the process that the person you are working with is going through.

I am giving this presentation so Mental Health Professionals will have an understanding of the Criminal, High School, and College Discipline processes. I will detail what happens when someone gets in trouble in each of these systems from arrest or accusation until the matter is concluded. I will discuss processes, procedure, likely outcomes, and punishment, I hope to give all attendees a working knowledge of what the patient is experiencing. I will also discuss how, if it is needed, a Mental Health Professional can best support their patient in their quest to mediate their court case/punishment by providing insight into their mental health situation.

I will be discussing each topic for 30 minutes and after each topic is discussed I will take questions for 10 minutes and then move on to the next topic.

This is the third time I am giving this program. While there was no charge previously, I feel that there is an opportunity for us all to do some good. So, the cost will be $10.00 to attend and the whole amount will be donated to Long Island Cares, The Harry Chapin Food Bank. I hope with this donation we can bring some help to those of us that are most vulnerable in these unclear times.
  • Arrest To Arraignment
  • What happens in court?
  • Criminal & Family Court
  • Types of Diversion Courts
  • How Mental Health Professionals can help when in Diversion court
  • When outside Diversion court
  • Greek Life – Drugs & Alcohol
  • Title IX Sex Offenses
  • Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty
  • Hearings and Punishment
  • Threats – Harassment
  • Drugs – Sexting
  • Hearings and Punishment
The Criminal, High School and College Discipline Process:
A Presentation for Mental Health Professionals

October 9, 2020 | 9:00 AM EDT | via GoToWebinar
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